I've been sick as hell since last night. I haven't even started my new meds yet. I've been shaky, sweating buckets, anxious AF, cold, hot, everything. Idk how accurate the doc scale vs mine is but I'm down 3 pounds which I can't be at the doc every day or week to check my weight. So i guess a scale at home will have to suffice and it'll be my number vs the doc's I guess will sync up one way or another. I'll be alright. I'm just really nervous and have been dreading this sorta thing but my sister had her numbers up, so did my step sister, both of them are a lot lazier and less obsessive than me n they got it back to normal #'s. Just terrified of the metforin or whatever it's called but the doc says that should be the thing that makes me start losing weight as long as I take that + eat right + exercise I should start losing pounds. I take care of myself for the most part just don't exercise I been staying between 1500-1800 calories a day for the last 2 years and I just am not losing anything so I guess this is what it was. I needed a insulin sensitivity pill. Just not looking forward to the side effects. Should have started today but I'm not. I am already so sick I can't imagine adding more problems on top of it. I'm sure my current illness is from only eating 600 cal total yesterday and 320 so far today topping out at 1100 if I make burritos tonight. I've lost my apetite almost entirely since hearing the diagnosis and am freaking the fuck out about all of it. The pricking finger thing isn't bad tho. A lot less painful than I expected. The PITA is more getting enough blood for a test and my first meter was broken outa the box. Just my luck. God willing I can reverse this and lose a ton of weight in the process. I am not really worried about insulin more worried about the other complications like blindness and amputations. That's the scary part for me that's keeping me up at night freaking out. If I'm not around as much for the next few days don't worry. I'm just trying to get better.