Spanning Time

So this image was eating up render time on my Daz machine, which was good because I needed to get RL work done as well. I had done an exterior WIP image of the "Giant's Staircase", with two explorers climbing a jumbled pile of stones. This image would be the interior of the vehicle at the foot of the staircase (Which you can see through the window). There's a little GIMP manipulation here. More shadows in some places, more light in others. I gave it a more cartoon/painted look than the raw render product. (It's possible to do that in-engine, but when you deal with a physics-based renderer, to tend to get a harsh "realism" with the raw edges looking far too clean and perfect for my tastes. I try to make it look lived in, with fewer straight lines.) There's a story underneath all this (a fictional story, not the story of putting the image together). I'm just glad to get the image more or less complete. Rendered in Daz3d, post-work in GIMP.