Flat Earth vs Round Earth – Dr. Charlie Ward, APMA and DITRH

@AquariusNL Ha here we go man. This was one i never questioned, and outright dismissed the people claiming this was true as crazy. In this day and age it seems to silly to accept anything at face value. I mean the science of how planets form via an accretion disk and how gravity attracts particles appeared absolutely sound to me. But as i have never been outside the atmosphere, i would not bet my life. Especially learning that 90% of what i thought i knew was a fabrication, or the antithesis of what i was taught. ___________________________________________________________ Flat Earth vs Round Earth – Dr. Charlie Ward, APMA and DITRH is the earth flat or round Flat Earth vs Round Earth has been a heated topic, which gets more interesting as years go by. Most people believe the flat earth theory is crazy; we’ve been taught and shown from an early age the earth is round. Text books have photos of round planets and explain how the sun sets and rises; how the solar system works. We were taught in school the earth was round. This was a fun post to put together and I hope you enjoy reading it. Keep an open mind and have fun. I’ve included a handful of videos. Is the earth flat or round? David Weiss talks on APMA podcast about flat earth. I’m not saying the Earth is flat, I’m saying I don’t know what to believe, given all the hoaxes the government has forced on us. 911 – Didn’t believe it then and never will. There were no planes that day. George Floyd hoax Planned riots in 2020 Covid Hoax Social distancing of 6 feet (A virus can’t measure and germs travel farther than 6′) Rushing a fake vaccine to depopulate the world – it’s not a vaccine Mandatory Masks – a blindfold to take away your freedoms Crisis actors in planned news stories to take our guns – 2nd Amendment violation 2020 Election fraud …the list goes on and on I have no intention of trying to convince you what shape the earth is. I found these videos interesting and wanted to share; they are done well. David Weiss talks with Charlie Ward about flat earth Astronauts who “walked on the moon” refuse to talk about the moon landing My thoughts on Flat Earth vs Round Earth 103-year-old Ruth, talks with David Weiss about what she was taught in school Regardless of what you believe, I recommend watching this video by David Weiss, who runs a YouTube channel called DITRH. David Weiss was on the APMA podcast, which held a friendly round table discussion that was fun to watch. Flat Earth vs Round Earth with David Weiss – very interesting video Flat Earth Ruth