Well yes, let's try that a different round with all this shall we - As devil's advocate Let's ban everything here on Minds, I think that cryptocurrency is a great scam The following are all terrible 1. Lolicon 2. Furries 3. Femboys 4. Hate speech 5. Chinese 6. Japanese 7. Christians 8. Jews 9. Muslims and Islam 10. All forms of porn Therefore, by default the most extreme practionioners of all the above crafts The Asian femboy christian turned Islamic partially born Jewish who loves hate speech and loves furries and lolicon porn and actively produces it while dabbling in the crypto network and encouraging all others to join him/her/it should be exclusively singled out for all harassment and bullying, forced off the platform and banned off it. They are to be unpersoned, distrusted, burned at the stake, stoned, defenestrated, restricted and shoved off the ledge. These non-people don't deserve mercy, burning them should be the right of every human, it is the birthright of heroes to destroy the root of evil - the femboy furries from growing into more vices further on. Look! There's one right now As your priest of the high council of Minds purity - I command you to look upon that man with all the scorn you have for the world. But....he is your best friend. You know him for years. He has always been good to you. No matter, he is impure. He should be burned at the stake. And now that we are done crucifying the horrendous deplorable femboy furry... Look, there's a poster of porn right there, how disgusting, he practiced one of the many vices listed above, he too is impure and is guaranteed to become more and more so from here on, no discussion is to be had, we shall too tie him to a pole and whip them with the hundred lashes, until they repent for their sins. #thoughts