Vaxxed 2 [Required Viewing]

Its not only corruption. Its not only a cover up. It can only be a sadistic plot hurt, mangle, slow and otherwise cause harm to the children of America. The magic of this documentary is that it exposes the utter corruption in our medical industry. BigPharma has been deeply influencing everyone on every side since the beginning. It is insane! You also learn how powerful brainwashing truly is. It does not require you to be weak or low IQ. It can be done on a global scale to the worlds smartest people: Our DRs. PHDS, Researchers and Thinktankers. For more double check the: Goebbels On the nature of Propaganda: They have been poisoning, slowing, dumbing down, and retarding our children every chance they could in every way they could think of. How is that NOT the most evil thing you can think of? That's your Government! Or more accurately, that's sadistic plot of this New World Order as the 50+ year plan to rob, deprive, break down and overall subjugate the American People through their children. Sound Familiar? Literally the source of all evil on this planet!