Linda Melinda Starring In: The mysterious cursed ghost burrito of doom!

Disclaimer: Art not my own. The name of the artist was kept as is in the file-name if you are interested and want to find additional works by the same person! I beat Dread-Out. Definitely had that old skool PS1-PS2 "Harsh but fair" difficulty you used to brace yourself for going into a classic survival horror game! Odd as it is the game often alludes to "hope" and even beauty at times but along with that is the grotesque,horrific,and tragic. There are not many faqs but I found one on steam that helped me out. If you want a better understanding of the plot I would recommend to study the myth of the ouroboros. Aka,the serpent that eats its' own tail in a never ending cycle of life,death,and rebirth. The priestesses (Keepers of the dark) are guardians between the spirit realm and the mortal realm. They remind me a lot of the Shinto priestesses from Japan. Fidelity wise I didn't encounter any game breaking bugs but there were certain ghosts which could continuously "cheap shot" you if you got stuck re-spawning in a particular location. There were also items that were not the easiest to find. (Aka, not everything is accompanied by that "shiny effect" found in other similar titles.) I still recommend Dread-Out but somewhat cautiously. Less seasoned gamers will get frustrated unless they are already well versed in horror themed interactive romps. I don't mean to come off as a haughty boomer ass-hat I'm just saying many games today "usually" have a more merciful learning curve whereas DreadOut is very much a tribute to more obtuse and more challenging offerings from the past. (You'll get through it with perseverance whilst simultaneously dying a lot. That's all I'm getting at!) Also, Linda is hawt. (I just wanna bait any puritans by saying that! Get into yet another amusing argument how I'm irredeemable for wanting to stick my dick in a 3D render and a buncha smoothed out polygons!) I always had a thing for well endowed somewhat goth looking brunettes so if that is your fetish as well here's another game with the Fatal-Frame aesthetic right down to the main heroine's overall design! I get she's still in high school but fuck sakes,look at her......When I was 16 girls like Linda got me hard in gym class. Ask for "forgiveness" you say? Naw,fuck off. Let me reiterate Linda ain't real. She's that "idealized perfect version" of a person her age that doesn't exist. Much how the teen characters in Persona 4 can still appeal to adults because the game is only showing us the endearing quirks of those protagonists minus the hormonal driven teenage stupidity and emo-angst! Even when they "fuck up" or act immature it is presented to us through the lens of fluffy kawaii desu with a laugh track in the background! At some point you separate the fiction from the reality,know what I'm saying? Anyway, I'll probably end up playing Keepers Of The Dark (Stand alone expansion) and Dread-Out 2. I wanna see where Linda''s story takes her now she is a certified "keeper of the dark". (By the way imagine naming your daughter Linda when her last name is Melinda. This girl has 4chan trolls as parents!) #dreadout #survivalhorror #gaming #fatalframe