I just beat this game. As a JRPG fiend there is a lot of good stuff in here, the combat system is nice, the world exploration is pretty good. I like the big open battle missions as opposed to just the small party combat, and the kingdom building portion was fun as well. Having to go and recruit people and build the right facilities to research different things to make your party strong and aid your battles made it feel like there was a real group effort to your hero story where you found a nation to help save the world. The only major downsides to this game is that the story is ... kinda boring and forgettable. They didn't really do a whole lot with Roland's character and it felt like they left a lot unexplored with him, he didn't even really feel like the main character after you get through the first part of the game. The other major downside is a crippling lack of waifus, there are NO waifus in this game unless you're a damn furry. All in all it gets a 6/10. Needs more waifus and a better storyline, but a good time killer nonetheless.