RIDDLE difficulty easy, reward 1 token for win, 2 tokens if you reminded the post so that others had a chance. Remaining rules same as my other riddle contests. Have fun. Edit: solved by @DoppelMark, answer in comments ********************************** I'm a treasure, quite a treasure, truly But troublesome, when used unduly When I'm spied, it's done with envy By the happy, wroth to lend me You must not lust, after my manor Or steal away, my little blue banner For I'm a symbol, of troubles behind Of the painful sort, of the saddest kind So next time you're near me, be grateful inside That you must keep looking, for a place to hide And still your haste, into a sense of calm Remind yourself, that there's nothing wrong With letting those souls, rather less fortunate, Have their lot, and be better off for it! What am I? ******************************* #riddle, #poetry, #crypto, #test, #contest