I've never been that much into superheroes but Superman definitely holds a special place in my heart because of his wholesomeness of humble farm-boy with a big heart who's just a good guy trying to do the right thing. He's the strongest man in the world but you never see him bragging about it or trying to abuse his power. At least in most versions, I haven't seen all of them lol. Back in my teen years I loved and enjoyed a lot that TV series called Lois & Clark, the new adventures of Superman with Dean Cain (another wholesome person that's been cast aside by the woke cult) - I still have the complete DVD set and holding on to it! Anyway... the other night I watched the first episode of the new Superman & Lois show, I must say, with a bit of fear of seeing muh boi massacred but instead it was actually good and I was very pleased. But I know CW and I'm afraid things will go woke eventually and this is just a trap to lure people in before starting to preach... but I'll give it a shot anyway.