Welcome to HRT Cafe

This is a directory of illegal HRT dealers, and you might recognize a couple. Inhouse Pharmacy operated for a long while without needing a prescription, but recently changed their rules. I suspect this is where ContraPoints sourced her HRT from, because she claimed she got her HRT from Vanuatu, and it is the only dealer operating out of the country. Lena (short for Lena Kiev) I showed earlier, operating out of Ukraine. Otokonoko made the shiny lolicon/shotacon boxes of estrogen with "keep out of reach of parents" written on them, operating out of Brazil. Out of all of these, ONLY Inhouse Pharmacy explicitly asks for a prescription. The rest don't even bother to verify. This is a directory for getting homemade/stolen HRT without scripts from countries like India, Brazil, Turkey, Thailand, and Russia. It is like Silk Road, but for HRT, and it operates on the clearnet.