But looking at the above image you cannot tell me desexualizing Lola Bunny by giving her more standard athletic sports gear and looks makes the Lola on the right appears stronger or more capable than the Lola on the left. Sexy does not equal less capable. I am not getting a sense of “strength” from the re-design on the right If anything she just looks normal, unremarkable even? Not saying it’s “bad” but there’s nothing that stands out about it. They made her “strong” by removing any evidence of developed calf and thigh muscles and replacing them with what basically looks like noodle-sticks. They are basically telling attractive women that they can’t be strong because they’re attractive. Strong, sexy characters are important because it teaches them they are more than just eye candy. https://g33kp0rn.wordpress.com/2021/03/05/strong-fictional-women-means-being-less-sexy-and-flat-chested/