let me take you on a short, yet retarded journey

A "fact-checking" account was verified recently, before it even made its first post. It had 10 followers as of yesterday, most of its followers are hate follows. So I did a little digging into the only link accessible from the twitter page, which led to a blogspot page. The blogspot page only had ONE "fact check", which was about some dubious claim that no one made about Biden re-opening the cages for children. What was the rest? Well it was created on August 25th, 2020, under the name "Memology 101 Exposed", and it was dedicated to reportfagging the youtube channel, Memology 101. It rebranded itself into a fact-check page and joined twitter at the end of February, and immediately managed to pick up a verification. And as of today, the account is suspended for violating the twitter rules. So either it hacked itself a twitter check mark (implausible) or some idiot at twitter gave them one without actually fact-checking whatever the hell it was (more probable) Either way it makes twitter look like shit, and it's extremely funny.