why Do they need Trumps Tax returns now? Is it because The Biden’s want to stay out of China, Ukraine and more? Pathetic Prosecuter trying to make Pelosi and her boys happy? They already told mueller.Loser Ag who promised Muelle r For just about a New York minute, prosecutors in that state were set to get their hands on eight years’ worth of President Trump’s tax returns. On Monday, a federal judge rejected Trump’s effort to block a grand jury subpoena issued for the tax returns by Manhattan Dist. Atty. Cyrus R. Vance Jr., meaning that Trump’s accountants would have to turn them over by 10 a.m. Pacific time. But Trump’s lawyers quickly appealed, and the ruling was put on hold by a federal appeals court. Vance’s effort to gain access to Trump’s tax returns is just one of many launched by Democrats in court or in legislatures around the country. There’s an obvious political element to some of these efforts, like the California Legislature’s misbegotten bill to require presidential candidates to release their tax returns to get onto the primary ballot. Some Democrats clearly hope the returns will be rife with damaging details about Trump’s income sources, tax avoidance strategies, indebtedness to foreign interests or some such. I don’t think presidential candidates should be compelled to release their tax returns in order to run for office; instead, I’d leave it to voters to decide whether to disqualify someone who refuses to release his or her returns. I’m more persuadable that sitting presidents should have to release their tax returns, or at the very least that the annual financial disclosures now required should be made considerably more detailed.