There used to be an account I followed on Twitter called The Nitrate Diva, who posted pics from old 30s/40s movies and gave me some recommendations for what to watch (thank you, Nitrate Diva, for helping me discover the Technicolor film noirs "Leave Her to Heaven" and "Desert Fury" and who Vilma Banky, Janice Rule and Nancy Guild were; meow.) But sadly, like so many other people on Twitter, 2020 happened and soon her TL became filled with retweets and even posts of pro-BLM bullshit - something I absolutely did NOT need to see or hear on an account focused on the past. Even more ironic, some of the pics she tweeted would no doubt be called problematic by the woke hate mob (her profile pic was of some 30s-looking model in lingerie smoking a cigarette). Really sad how deep the brain rot goes, but it's what happens when you want to stay in the "cool kids club" on Twitter.