NSFW time because I read too much politics for this morning. (I need to remember that Twitter is for idiots who love their echo chamber.) I messed up a few things with my scifi/western mashup, so I am recreating some things in an easier-to-use way. I also will probably get rid of the idea of using the camezard creature as a riding animal, and just go back to speeder bikes. It's better to strip out complications and just get to it. You need to kill your darlings, as they say. Unimportant things that aren't adding need to be removed for the good of a project. Anyway, another dress I haven't used... this is supposedly Minoan. (You know, Knossos, Minotaurs, that kind of thing.) Again, the way they dressed in antiquity was very different... unless all those pottery makers (with the illustrations of fashion) were extremely hornt dogs. Rendered in daz3d, post-work in GIMP.