'Global News' is corrupt and they lie! Everyone intelligent knows that! I don't think we should allow these mainstream media outlets at our events because they always try and paint us in a negative light. Look at this story they did about us. I just laugh at them at this point because I couldn't care less about what they say. The rally yesterday was wonderful! I was surrounded by courageous, intelligent loving people who were so warm and welcoming. I hugged people and connected with so many. There were no masks and things were normal. There was no fear and we were together and this made us stronger. Brave doctors and nurses attended the rally to speak out against the corruption and they put everything on the line. The nurses that attended flew in from Toronto, and they had lost their jobs because they could not go along with the corruption any longer and told the truth about what is going on. Their speeches were powerful and heartfelt and you could feel how invested they are in spreading the truth to save humanity. They are hero's and I have so much respect for the courage they showed. We marched around the streets of Vancouver, escorted by the Vancouver Police Department. The Police did not harass us and instead stood silently by the sidelines and that shows that they are acting in a decent manner. Yesterday's mass movement event filled me with strength and hope because there are so many people who are awake and not going along with the lies we are being told. It was a beautiful day and i'm very thankful to the organizers and everyone who attended. https://globalnews.ca/video/7653295/concerns-about-spread-of-misinformation-at-vancouver-freedom-rally