I assume everyone has seen the recent issues of several popular publications - the ones with super-large women on the covers. The thrust of the accompanying text is that these particular women, and by inference others of similar girth, are healthy, happy and "normal". Philosophically, I only care about myself, and loved ones, so everybody else is free to think as they choose. ...oh yes...the magazines. These particular magazines purport to be "glamour" or advice magazines for women, albeit arguably stupid ones. At times I have purchased some of these, so I'm familiar with the content. In most, the glossy pages contain fashion photos, featured articles on "impressive" people, and endless tips for diet, exercise and nutrition. There are, or at least were, omnipresent skin care and makeup pictorials and instructions, a universe of advertisements for same, and really bad recommendations for human interaction. You can literally avoid looking at any of these, and be a better, more rational person as a result. Young women, on the other hand, live for this shit. Historically, the idea was to present a stylized version of the famous, infamous, and hauntingly beautiful. It was likely the photos were subjected to filtering, air brushing, and significant post-production, so the standards of "beauty" were essentially unattainable by mere mortals depicted in family albums. No one cared about this really, because they were buying (literally) into a fantasy. If you followed their sage advice what you beheld could also be you. So here's my question. Is this the new standard of "beauty" all young women should eat toward?