[Season One, Entry Thirteen] The roar resounded throughout the ruins, bouncing off the walls. “Is that…?” Daniel said. Ilana nodded. “The beast must have learned a captive was released. It is angry; it does not like losing its toys.” “Hurry then. To the next person. The sooner we release everyone here, the sooner we can leave.” Daniel held the dagger high to shine its blue-white light on the path. Ilana took great care to stay far away from the blade. She earlier said it could kill souls. Did that lethality extend to her people--whatever they were? They rushed ahead, Daniel in front with the glowing dagger held high with Ilana behind, giving directions. They passed towering doors; open, spacious rooms; and strange gardens of bulbous, bioluminescent flowers. Finally, as they approached a T-junction, Daniel halted, causing Ilana to nearly bump into him. “What is it?” she said. “Why do you stop? We need to hurry.” Daniel stared ahead and pointed with his free hand. Before him, at the center of the junction was a bas relief that took up most of the wall. It depicted a member of Ilana's race—a bald one, his void-like eyes twice the size of Ilana's in her true form. His figure dominated the relief, but what drew Daniel's attention more was the relief’s central focus. Beneath the towering figure’s head—as if the focus of its attention—was a human perched atop the figure’s clawed hand. The human was positioned in a weird, contorted dance that seemed oddly puerile. The alien figure seemed to examine the human intensity. “What's that?” he said. “Why is the person depicted like that?” “You humans are a source of fascination for us. We cannot understand your actions, emotions, or motivations.” Ilana paused. “You are as alien to us as we must be to you.” “So the figure--" “An Elder.” She pointed to its forehead. “He is one of our leaders, the ancient ones.” Daniel followed her finger with his eyes. There he saw a symbol on the Elder’s forehead. It was an odd, prickly shape, roughly oval. “So the Elder is examining a human?” Another roar bellowed in the distance. It was hard to tell how far. “Now is not the time for this discussion,” Ilana said. “We must hurry.” Daniel looked to the dagger. Its light was still mostly blue, but red slowly encroached.