Canadian Prime Minister Justin (Castro) Trudeau Complicit In American Election Fraud We now know that Communist China also gave the Canadian Dominion voting machine company a $400 million financial boost through a Swiss bank account, belonging to the Chinese government. As for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his role in the massive US election fraud, was to harbor the George Soros linked criminal election rigging Dominion voting machine company and let them commit criminal activity, across the US border, it’s considered as Canada committing an act of war on American independence and democracy, along with China. President Trump would be within his right to military attack Canada. Also Justin Trudeau is again planning on rigging the next Canadian election in his favor, with the same rigged voting machines. George Soros’ son seen at the Dominion company, along with Justin Trudeau, who we also know is taking money for his financial racket foundation from China billionaires, These same puppets of the communist dictatorial oppressive regime, also practices human organ trafficking on political and religious prisoners.. Justin Trudeau is the biggest shame in Canada and should immediately resign as Prime Minister of Canada and be totally investigated for massive corruption.