This was a Tweet from the amazing Candace Owens a few months ago, but she's still absolutely bang on the money, in my opinion at least. Gender equality does not require the ridiculous emasculation of men that seems to be par for the course now, nor self-satified rants about 'the patriarchy', like the one I saw from Madonna last night. A multi-million selling, multimillionaire who has become one of the most famous people in the world. But, of course, she's got 'the boot of the patriarchy on her throat', to paraphrase. Sorry, I digressed a little there. But it does appear that victimhood is the new hot fashion accessory in the celebrity world. Along with whatever monstrosity that numpty below is wearing. I'm surprised Eddie Izzard isn't rocking this on his 'girl days'. 🤦‍♀️