Rush Limbaugh's last words

Some snippets from Rush Limbaugh's last broadcast: My point in all of this today is gratitude. My - my point in everything today that I've shared with you about this is to say thanks. And - to - tell everybody involved how much I love you from the bottom of a sizeable and growing and still-beating heart... Because - I have - I've learned what love really is - during this... Even in the most DIRE circumstances if you just wait - if you just - remain open to things: the good in it will reveal itself. And that has happened to me as well... But I don't believe our darkest are ahead of us, I never have. My people have been asking "are-you-you-you've always told us it'd be time to panic because it's time to go-" it's NEVER time to panic folks it's never gonna be time to give up on our country. It'll never be time to give up on the United States, it'll never be time give up on yourself.