WHITE PRIVILEGE: The solution - Not the problem

There is not, by-in-large, anything resembling classic racism, left in America. What we’re now calling “racism” is actually not much more than “the hatred of inferior cultures.” Think about it. It’s not really Race you dislike when you complain about Race. 99% of the time, your complaint about people of a certain race can be traced back to the culture they embrace. I know black Africans from Kenya who won’t let their daughters date African Americans. Why? Because of their race? Obviously not. It’s because of African American culture. That’s why we should stop using the word racist and call people what they are... we are not racist... we are culturists. (All of us from every race) the reality is, not all cultures are equal. And here’s the thing. What's being addressed with the term white privilege isn’t really any different. It’s the same mischaracterization as the one happening with the word racist. The so-called “privileges” being attacked didn’t come from that white person’s race. It came (99% of the time) because of that white person's culture. Consider that stereotype of the well-off white kid with the car their daddy bought them, and the Ivy League future they will benefit from. In this day and age, do you actually believe the main reason there are more white kids that fit that description than black kids, is truly because those white kids are white? I would submit, that at this point in history the main driver of that particular white stereotype playing out, is mostly the cultural values inherent to the typical American white family. In fact, we can see cases when black families who raise their kids embracing similar cultural values to those held by typical white families have very very similarly positive outcomes. We observe the same phenomenon happening when white kids embraced typical African American cultural values. So then, since what people mean when they say “white privilege” (whether they realize it or not) is actually “the cultural values of the typical white family”... this attack on so-called white privilege is really no more than an attack on those values. People are being told to attack “white culture” when really they should be embracing certain aspects of it; Values like, personal responsibility, strong work ethic, clean-cut professional appearance, ambition, entrepreneurship, the concept of accumulated family wealth/inheritance, etc etc etc. I cannot say it enough; These attributes are not something black or white cultures should reject and attack. These attributes are something black and white cultures should more often celebrate and incorporate into their cultures. We're all being played; every race. Because every race is hurt when we reject these values as a society. The point I'm hammering home here is that white privilege is a smoke-and-mirrors-term being used to blame a race for their successes (as if success is a character flaw) rather than giving credit for those successes to that race's cultural values. We're blaming on “Privileges” what should be blamed on the cultural values that have produced these "white" successes. Such values should not be viewed by people as something to overthrow but something that can be learned from. To be fair, I will clarify that these values are not in-and-of-themselves purely white by any means. Such values transcend race altogether. Any person on earth no matter their pigment can embrace such values for the improvement of their standing in life... as they should. Because here’s the danger. By devaluing such values... by associating them with a negative term such as "white privilege," society is being led to consider these universal values as detestable. And so by seeking to demonize so-called "white privilege" what "brown people," “white people,” all people don't realize is that we are only demonizing the real solutions for lifting ourselves up, as a society, out of the undesirable stations in life we are complaining about. It’s the lobster in the kettle seeing another lobster trying to crawl out, and dragging them back down into the water. If we are unsuccessful, Why would we, when we come across someone who is successful, tell them that they should change and become more like us. That’s not wisdom. Wisdom says when we find someone who is where we want to be that we should seek to learn from them, so that we might become mentally equipped to chart a similar course ourselves. We all can learn from each other, regardless of race. But when you take a person's successes and attribute them to their race, you not only dishonor them personally and all the hard work that went into their success, but you also are willfully putting blinders on yourself, keeping yourself from possibly learning from them. You've hurt not only them and their legacy and reputation, you've hurt your own reputation and short-circuited your future. You don't think "the man" wants to keep us ignorant of those values which can liberate us from dependency on handouts? If not then you really have no idea what the end goal that this "white privilege" mind control term is connected to. I know the title is provocative. It was meant to be attn getting. What I’m not saying is that white people are superior. I'm certainly not saying that there are no negative aspects of white culture, as there are within every culture. I'm also not saying that there aren't valuable aspects of every culture. There are. What I am saying is this. Any values which lead to positive outcomes are superior to values that lead to dead ends. If white people (or any color people) have the privilege of being a part of a culture that embraces values that lead them to the outcomes you desire for your life then those values aren’t your problem, they are your solution.