minds,com being what it is (a computer thing) probably is 'brother' to the rest of its system of things... and so also censors as assisting its family's target. I any case, I participate here being fully cognizant of the probability (probable being more possible than simply possible) that my content may be barred from humans including myself. I basically say good bye to all related in every piece I post... if I see the related again, I am pleased. Indication of impending doom is the "adjustments" minds,com does to the comments (edit here - this issue was fixed) when you hit send. And the "lost" votes you know you put there...sometime multiple times...and the strange subscriber numbers to new posters here...and the strangely "accurate" posts these post. It would be a good thing to see if these bot posters show the same content to anyone checking in (not everyone is a bot, but the bot has most the facts of who is human) except that locations are known so probably if these investigators were to check about this, they would have to be rather unrelated persons sharing screen shots.