Why the progressive movement is hitting a brick wall and loosing support so fast. They spent a year promoting an insurection, and rebellion. Then tried to blame an invasion of a publicly owned building as the worse thing ever including the holocaust. They spent a year promoting bad science with COVID Everything from blaming trump for it to saying 4 masks and a high risk vaccine is good science. They spent the past few months attacking gina carano Then they strike with venom at an equivalency they have been using for years "literal nazi", "litterally hitler". They have been claiming racism on police abuse as being racially motivated. Then the videos/evidence comes out proving them to be blatantly wrong and they still beleive it, guess what some cops just think they can kill anyone, hold them accountable. They have calls for camps, assassinations, and genocide of an ethnic/political group. Yet they claim to have the high ground on morality, what exactly is moral or good about any leftist belief. They have been blaming all of social and historical problems on white people and christianity. You really want to bring out the scales and measure racial contributions to their mistakes? We are all in this together we can either work together as humans or degrade into tribal warfare. Only one side is beating the war drums. They blamed all of their issues on trump. Yet when they voted against him and got a compromised shill shit stain for office they ignore his actual system of reversing the most progress this nation has seen in my lifetime under trump. Not only getting us back into wars, screwing us on enviromental/energy issues, but canceling his own promises within the first 100 days.