So one day I pull into the Walmart parking lot to do whatcha do there (visit the bathroom glory hole) and next to me was a car adorned with anime decals and a fancy colorful paint job. Really ornate stuff all around, and kinda groovy in a weeby way. On the rear window was a Twitter handle, though I didn't take note of it. Later that evening I log into Twitter, and maybe half an hour or so later a pic of that very car shows up in my timeline. A mutual had retweeted it. This story has no point, other than that it's kinda nuts how coincidences like that happen despite the astronomical odds against it. The world can be a stange, fascinating place, and I may be a little tipsy. EDIT: The Twitter handle on the car was @Azure_kite91. The account is still active, though their tweets are protected so unfortunately you can't poke around their media and see the car for yourself. Bummer.