Thoughts are not crimes. Bite my ass!

If you misinterpret this as me supporting pedophilia as "normal" you are gravely mistaken. But I do believe we should draw the line between thoughts and actions. Imagine a customer gives you a shitty time at your job. You go ahead and service them but not without a few sighs and a sour expression on your face. Later on footage of that interaction is shown to the court and they determine based on your body language and temperament "someday" you are gonna physically assault someone. For "public safety" you are arrested and jailed. Hell,let's make it more believable. You tell a silly joke to your friend or post an "edgy meme" online when suddenly the cops come to your door to question you. (Yup,that's happened in the UK.) I don't understand how bringing up this point automatically equates to me supporting the P word. I've said many times it is "unnatural" as even if you are an atheist that doesn't factor God into the equation children are too young to breed,too young to produce more offspring,and too young to come away from that experience without being mentally traumatized as well as physically damaged. Thus even non believers should abhor and harshly punish the molestation of children. If someone voices their intention to do something to a real child I think they should be monitored and hastily arrested. However that's not the same thing as just liking lolis in anime or even fucking a doll because frankly if the fapping material "ain't real" I don't give a feel! I only care when "real people" become endangered whilst actual threats and criminal intentions are being directed at them with obvious malice. (If you believe that makes me "unreasonable" you can go to the nearest stable and get fucked by a bull! I am who I am,that's all that I am. Deal with it! Toot Toot!) "I" don't want to live in a society of witch hunts and thought crimes. I never did. It sucks when SJWs do it and sucks when Puritans do it. History has shown us as much......... #outrageculture #cancelculture #thoughtcrime