By feminist metric feminists are rapists and oppressors. Supporting abortion is often done with the following arguments. 1. Birth control costs money. They never accept that birth control is cheap. Far cheaper than an abortion. 2. The very idea of abstinence is abhorrent to them. You can't just tell people to not have sex. This is the same as saying sex is a right. Feminism clearly states that sex is not a right. "My body my choice", is a phrase made to reinforce the idea that it's THEIR body to doo with as they please. Now go find a feminist as a guy and tell them they can't just tell you to not have sex. Watch their reaction. Feminism was always a socialist movement to divide genders, it's more accurate to call it misandry. Any amount of thought on any of their arguments supporting abortion and free birth control are revealed to simply be venues to introduce more socialist policies to the system. It's why socialists often cite the slippery slope fallacy and no true Scotsman incorrectly. Most ideologies that try to claim political power are usually just venues for authoritarian rule. There is a reason America has a separation of church and state in governance. They clearly did not want people under undue influence to enact laws and policies supporting any particular ideology knowing full well absolute power corrupts absolutely. No matter how hard the organization screams about how merciful their god, benevolent dictator, great leader or grand poohbah is.