People aged 0-59 make up 5% of COVID deaths. We all know the effectiveness of lockdowns are entirely speculative; there is no hard evidence, no way to measure their impact. If you say we should just open up and accept what deaths may come from the 60-100 bracket, you might in so many ways be accused of being ageist, at least in woke land. Would you "sacrifice" grandma? What do you have against her? Easy for you to say. But it's simply part of the deal that when we get older we are at higher risk for disease. It is a misapplied equity analysis to think the Pandemic needs to hurt the young to offset the elderly's suffering. The boomers were lucky to live in relative prosperity. They were unlucky to face a pandemic. This entire episode is largely fueled by the narcissism of the older generation and their utter lack of wisdom in the face of their own impending death. These are the same people who control most of the wealth and political institutions in the west. They make up the largest voting blocks. They even have an avatar of themselves in a decrepit Biden at the helm. Why are they preparing for a perpetual post-pandemic authoritarian state of scarcity? The idea is we are going to put all our resources into a ballooning healthcare system of extraordinary medical advance to keep grandma alive and in an irritable, tortured vegetative state for those extra months of hell. The most expensive and stupid months to grant. Because they cannot cope with the reality of the human condition, the world too must end, or at least be dragged into the bitter mud to redistribute their drawn out pain. In a better world, the pandemic would cull the last generation to make way for the next iteration of humanity. But instead, it is necessary to wear the husk and animate it from the inside, with all their idiotic culture wars and suppositions, mouthing their dementia, else be censored into its impression. Perhaps with #crypto the death grip of the dying can be forcibly removed, or at least fled from. With great instability and a burst forward, we might escape their terrible grasp! #bitcoin #scamdemic #truth #minds