Everythime ppl go after someone for being pro free speech, artistic freedom or against cancel culture, they prove Cancel culture exists Everytime the gaming clique goes after someone for stepping out of the line, they prove Gamergate was right. Gamergate is continously brought up by the wokes for the same reason Trump was; they feel the need to be "heroes" and feel superior, but without having to actually face risk, and since there are no Hitlers in the west, they have to create them so they can "fight" them. Gamergate fits that purpose perfectly. They know there's absolutely 0 risk involved in attacking it and that they completely control the medium and the media, so they can pretend they're "brave" by speaking out against that terrible evil that's worse than Hitler. So that's why they will never, ever, stop bringing it up. Even when they know GG was right, since by this time it has been empiricaly proven everything GG said has become true. Even when they know their accusations are false. Even when they know there are no "danger" or "nazis". #gamergate They do the argument for us.