That's right stay a brainwashed indoctrinated pathetic #cablecuck and negro sportsball bread and circus addicted unarmed completely dependent on the government for your literal survival weak tax slave. Instead of using... - Logic - Reason - Common sense - Critical thinking - Scientific method and observation - Noticing patterns and behaviors - Knowing real history - Being open-minded but skeptical - Doing your own research and not ever watching, reading, or listening to any MSM (including Fox News, OANN, Newsmax) outlets. To.. - Homeschool your kids/grandkids - Start and own your own businesses - Have a homestead where you can be as self-sustainable and off grid as possible - Own firearms - Become completely debt free minus a low interest mortgage - Protect your privacy and identity like its life and death (it is) - Build a local network of like minded people to be your SHTF tribal brothers