Kevin J Johnston And Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson in Ottawa Speak To The Crowd

Kevin J. Johnston and Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson had a chance to speak together for a few minutes on Parliament Hill. Even though we are in the same industry and speak often online, we don't get to meet in person nor speak side by side very often and this is an extreme pleasure. The very fact that we were there with absolutely no media coverage shows us that our government is at war with we the people by eliminating any and all conservative voices. They will continue to block us which is why you need to continue to share our information with everybody. This amazing lady has come under fire far too many times for just being honest and just been a good Christian. I have come under fire just to be a big mouth and telling the truth. We cannot win this fight without you share and all of our information to the world. Kevin J. Johnston - - DONATE TODAY! In case YouTube shuts us down, ALL our videos are on WEBSITE: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK: MINDS: RUMBLE: PARLER: GAB: VK: PATREON: MEWE: IDW: BRIGHTEON: BRIGHTEON.Social: GORF: TWITTER: I AM DONE WITH THEM! YOUTUBE: I AM DONE WITH THEM!