Lucidity In Dreams

Have you ever wanted to fly like a Bird? Have an Impossible Intimate Experience Of Your fantasies? See in 360°? Become an animal or a dragon or a unicorn and run like a cheetah, or swim like a dolphin? You can do that and more with Lucid dreaming and in the moment it will feel every bit as real as waking life. I had my first Lucid dream at 17 but didn't understand what I had experienced. Then in my early 20's I started experimenting more and had all kinds of them. The best is flying, and once I made love to a beautiful woman while floating in the middle of the sea. I haven't even begun to tap the potential of the dreamscape but that power of creation is incredible to experience. It's really easy if you just put some consistent effort in. Most importantly you need to find the techniques that work for you. One person's golden key will be another's flop. I like setting my alarm hourly thru the night. Eventually you will land in the dreamspace and then you just need to maintain awareness as you cross over.