Bullshit is everywhere

George Carli said it best. Bullshit is everywhere....on the crazy mainstream media, occult far lefties, and our side definitely included. This is my opinion. There is not a single person on this earth who knows the entire plan, on either side. Everyone only had a piece of the knowledge that when put together properly will paint the whole picture. Therefore, everyone has to have the power of discernment. We should all be able to look at a post, detect what is feasible and what is outrageous without much effort. Ex. If someone said mike pence was a traitor, homosexual, and also a shape shifting lizard, I would assume most of you would mark at least two of those traits as plausible. I would not even completely discount the third trait, I would just mark it as yet to be proven. To me personally of course. What we have right now is a collective database. New entries can be posted by anyone, but the group as a whole examines the information, and collectively agree weather or not to add this new info to our database. It is a beautiful process. It would not be possible on mainstream platforms. It would also function more efficiently if we all saw it for what it was and stopped pissing and moaning. That is all 😝👌😎