THE WEIGHT OF THE WOMAN The weight of the woman That the man waits to love Bears on him deeply, and Bares from above The wait for that woman Is a hard weight to bear As long as he loves her As long as he dares He’ll carry within him The state of her grace The memories find him The shape of her face The scent of her clean flesh The heat of her breasts The curve of her mouth As her lips on him rest The twist of her hair Her eyes looking up He looking down On her beauty to sup Her breath soft and catching Her smile as she takes Her arms to enwrap him In rapture to make She stoops now to conquer He rises to serve The wait for the woman Is what he observes Yet the weight of that woman Is a hard thing to bear When his bed is all empty For she is somewhere Other than with him When he wants her most For nothing between them Is worthy of boast Though everything honored Is ne’er surely lost For the wait on the woman Is the weight of the cost… Alternate ending: So he waits on the woman Even if lost For the wait for the woman Is the weight of the cost __________________________________________ This is a poem I wrote several years ago when my wife and I were separated by travel. At that time a lot of travel Now we almost always travel together. Anyway I wrote it around Valentine's Day if I remember correctly and gave it to her and she liked it. #Valentines #Romance #poetry #marriage #FrenFinder So I'm posting it for the "Romantic Month"