Original #poem interpret how you choose. Begrudging and slanderous narratives have become our morality. Envy of joy. Envy of heart. Envy of victorious absolution. A sparse twinkle in your eye stems only from duality. Like an artist's rendering that haunts your mind. It will not escape your thoughts. It teases and taunts. A photograph captured long ago. Now faded nearly unrecognizably. But I know truths that I cannot unlearn. Unaware of the daily indignities which you endure. Unhindered by the ropes of time, they are an immortal truth. The abject cruelty of humanity flows as a steady stream, only waning to self sustain. An ebb and flow, rushing past, rushing through, carving, shaping, leaving residual sediments. A give and take. You bend and bend but never break. You are a simple coil, bending to wills you may never know. Answering to voices incomprehensible. While your own is silenced. Observed by eyes unseen. While yours are sewn shut.