Q-Anon, for all its conspiraboomer bat-shittery, tapped into something universal that's more powerful than arguing the minutiae of things like covid PCR testing or the technicalities of election law: that the emerging class of global super-elites are unequivocally evil. This very basic idea bypasses the lies & endless fact checking. It taps into a core feeling that much of the population of western nations experience: that something is deeply wrong with our morality & those continually at the top of the pyramid are responsible for it. It's a moral, gut feeling & in our desire to be factually correct to the letter & argue intellectual rather than moral stances and as such we as a loose opposition to a global governance fail to fully tap into it. Post Epistein there is no doubt that those in power routinely use the rape of children as a weapon as well as the ultimate form of blackmail to keep people in line. The amorality of those in power is a more engaging argument than trying to counter act the thousands of small lies they tell daily to stay in power. The global elite are riddled unrepentant pedophiles, rapists & thieves. It's an open secret they boast about to one another. They are not moral beings capable of being reasoned with. You can't find that perfect argument that will make them concede to your brilliance. They're evil, plain & simple. We shouldn't be ashamed of saying that.