The MSM and the democrats have busted their asses to keep us from hearing anything except what they pre-prepare for us.  It is amazing how social media was able to open the eyes of millions.  When all you have is CNN or MSNBC to watch you are filled with shit...Pure shit, a narrative designed to promote Satan. For the first few years after I moved to Mexico I had no TV or computer/internet in my little community of 300 farmers.  I had to go to the Internet Cafe in another town and buy fifteen minutes so my entire day or even week was compressed into that fifteen minutes of information gathering. After about four years here I received my first laptop from a friend in the USA I was able to see all of the posts and chatter.  Before all I had was what Google or Yahoo put on their opening page when I went online.  My brain was filled with leftist shit, how Obama was Jesus and so forth.  For some reason I knew it was crap, all of this stuff could not be true.  How could a 180 degree change in America take place in just the four or five years I had been gone. Since I was out of the box I was not exposed to the slow daily bending of American thinking.  What I saw was an America that in five years had gone to hell.  Killing babies was a pastime.  Hating Christians was a sport.  A non American black man was giving away the country to every raghead on earth.  Not having been exposed to the MSM "schmoozing" for four years of more I was able to see it in a black and white form with no gray matter in between to soften me up. I saw the plan...It was obvious to me.  Americans were slowly being brainwashed to believe in un-American things.  Now "they" have taken control and republicans have been historically too weak to fight back.  They have the Jesus Syndrome of just turn the other cheek.  Well I would remind them of this, Jesus didn't say to keep turning your cheek until you are beaten to death but that is what the republicans have done, allowed themselves to be beaten to death.