Oasis: Alien Creatures Broad Backs

The largest domestic animal on #Oasis are the native Broad Backs. These massive animals make it possible for caravans to carry far more goods with less animals, and even individual merchants can make a good living with a single Broad Back. These 6 limbed animals are 3 tons, stand 5ft at the shoulders, and are 7 feet wide. There front legs are longer than the other pairs, but are bent more at the knees. This is to dig up roots, tubers and waters, the massive limbs are also tipped with claws which can eviscerate most animals. Their lightly armoured backs can hold a surprising amount of weight, as they often carry their young on their backs as they roam the land looking for food and water. The animals are native to the arid steppes that can be found throughout Oasis. They prefer to avoid the deepest deserts, but will cross them to reach new grasslands, and are built to handle hot, dry weather handily. They can store water in their fat for over 7 months, and can get moisture from food more easily than Terran animals. Over a thousand years ago, humans in several areas got a hold of baby Broadbacks and raised them to be draft animals. As this brought about success the practice spread and the animals were bred to be more docile, larger and dumb. Now caravans are generally a mix of camels and broad backs. Camels require less food and water, and broad backs can carry heavier loads, so its a balancing act deciding how many goods they will be carrying and costs. Also in a pinch, camels can be eaten, a Broad Back is difficult to kill and the meat is considered unpalatable to most humans and only eaten in desperate straits.