I'm going to put on my tinfoil hat for a moment and explore some thoughts I've had for the past few weeks. There's a tendency among conspiracy theorists to assume the government is competent. Extremely competent. However anyone dealing with the federal government knows that they are competent only a small percentage of the time. So ask yourself when you see what the current administration is doing, does it seem like everything went to plan, or does it seem like they had a greater plan and things went sideways? Imagine for a moment that the federal government had attempted to create something that looked like a coup and a horrible disaster, but that the conservatives protesting were way too well behaved. Some of them got up to shenanigans sure, but the vast majority just walked around the capital building and hung out. Imagine that they expected way more of a disruption to occur, but then compared to other assaults on the capitol building, almost nothing happened. It would explain why there's such a push now to call anyone opposing them terrorists. Perhaps they attempted to inspire violence with glowies in plain clothes, pushing for action in the crowd, hoping to create something so bad that it would justify everything they planned to do next. So what exactly is easier to believe? That the federal government is this unstoppable malevolent entity, or that some senior citizens on a power trip overplayed their hand, tried to artificially produce a disaster, and screwed up?