Being new to Minds, I do not know all the ins and outs. I am depending on the community that I come in contact with to help me learn how it operates. Why am I on Minds? I was told that it was a nice community that didn't censor ideas and content and that it was a supportive community. Perfect. I am here to connect with others, be inspired and hopefully inspire others and eventually learn, learn, learn. I am a truth seeker and I relish learning about other aspects of life. Just like other people, I've had some major heartache in my life - I use creativity as a bridge to constant healing and growth and I deeply respect this process in others. I truly believe that our joy and sorrow and what we create from this is a spark that keeps humanity going...as each person inspires another with joy. If we all took a moment to ask, "What brings me joy?" (Harder than it sounds) You would realize that all the joy that you feel in your life is a direct result of someone else and their inspirations of creativity and love. We 'feed' each other inspiration and it is turned in joy and a continuation of that inspiration. That is why I am here on Minds. Late introduction, but Hello! I enjoy having real conversations and discussion with others people and I love people in general so feel free to reach out and comment, connect. PS That said, if you're an angry person inside that gets joy out of spreading that around to other people, I'm probably going to block you. I don't want that in my life.