“[I]t’s amazing,” he added. “A month has gone by, and we still don’t know [what happened]. And yet, we have these eight-foot-tall fences with concertina wire completely surrounding the Capitol. We’ve been told they are going oh to be put in place sill March at least. Listen, the Capitol is the people’s house. It shouldn’t be barricaded unless there [are] some real threats that I’m not aware of that they are not telling us about. I think we ought to take that fencing down and return to as normal position as possible. I think the fencing is remaining in place to send a signal — a narrative that 74 million voters who voted for President Trump are dangerous to our democracy, they’re all insurrectionists, and that’s simply not the case.” https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2021/02/07/ron-johnson-capitol-still-barricaded-to-send-a-signal-to-trump-voters-that-theyre-dangerous/