Why Can't They Draw?

Re: Recent (NSFW) Post from @rheadono https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1204931249881231360 First, go follow @rheadono! They share some awesome lewd anime girls if that's your thing, and this post is not meant to detract from their feed. Second, I've mildly censored the art for the sake of this post. Without further ado, I've traced over the original artwork with two conflicting skeletons and separated things out. Ignoring everything else to keep this as brief as possible, the blue overlay has the spine going into the side of the ribs and/or the the red overlay has the implied abdominal in two places at once: one the side and also in the front too. This critique comes from a place of jealousy. I'm positive this artist is more popular than I am, probably because they can paint and color, and I cannot. I know it's a fictional character and it's not actually a real girl and this art's only purpose is to titillate - I get it. But artists: please try. If you want big, gravity-defying bazongas, go for it. Can we please try to get a functional skeleton under all that nonsense?