Last night I was waiting in the vapor room with @MacVogt and @curryhobo. I had a lot of wifi issues, but it felt like I keep getting cut off everytime I got into IT, different times in my life were I feel like am bursting at the seems and then I go into some kind of flow and get to the best version of expressing a thought and then for some reason there are glitches or gremlins in the machine. Oddly the same thing happen with the lost part of The @mindsgaming show, part of what we lost was the part when I was having stream of consciousness how I would like to have VR so I can pull people into my dreams... and then I go into my whole either your creating it or being created by IT... that was lost, maybe its time has yet to come. Thanks too all those crazy lil minds that give their time so I can work out strange thoughts in my head. I always pull on these minds, because everytime I brainstorm with them, I figure out more and even get inspired and shock at times. I like this playful combative dancing we do, it could have flowed better if my connect was a lil better, but this is life in the trenches of hyperspace, folks! I work with bubble gum and duck tape... sorry time for the live stream: