https://youtu.be/0BEHO08r67U #thetruthhurts #thetruthhelps This story in the Times is the #scummedia taking a victory lap for the #cathedral after winning against the majority. We need to get serious! No more #boomercon bullshit! We need to focus on the long-run 20 year horizon. There is no way to win as long as the Cathedral is unopposed. We have to consider that these people only care about power, therefore we need to care about power as a means of running defense. Don't get lost in "issues" and "mandate to solve a problem", our enemies do not care about this, they just care about power. Any issue we address and try to get our people in to work on, just get flipped into more power for the managerial elites and the Cathedral sanctifying it. It was conservatives who wanted an end to slavery. It was conservatives who wanted to preserve wild nature by concentrated technology to allow human flourishing on smaller and smaller spaces. These are just two examples of causes that have been completely taken over, AND completely subverted!!! Whatever the left now does under the mantle of these causes is just to make the problem constant and to extend power. We need to get to work, but we need to be smart! Take the 20 year horizon. Read James Burnham "The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom" in order to understand how real power works. Forget mass movements that seek to give power to the people. The only thing that ever happens is that one elite gets booted out by the people, if they have a new elite on their side, and the new elite runs things. What we need is to build a new Cathedral and defeat the other Cathedral. Increase the disdain and resentment for the current elites AND most importantly build SELECTION CRITERIA for the kinds of elites that we want, elites that are aligned with our needs. If we do this right, then these new elites won't even have to fight hard to take over power. When this happens (20 - 50 years from now) then order has to be restored FAST!!! We cannot restore order incrementally! We can only incrementally build those institutions that can be the selection mechanism for the new elites. We need to build the philosophy and understanding of the trade-offs that are necessary such that the blueprint to restoring order is ready at the point when the new elites can walk in and take power from the completely resented old elites who have lost any little bit of respect. Do not assume that we could vote for a different president and be done with it. Voting will help, but only over the long run, after we have created alternative sources for informing people and slowly replaced the elites from the ground up. Especially at the positions that really matter, i.e., unelected official in life-long tenure positions in the deep state.