OK, so the Better Business Bureau is still accepting complaints from UK residents so here goes! Complaint Summary Complaint Type: Consumer to Business Complaint Nature of complaint: Customer Service Issues Problem description: On January 25th 2021 Twitter permanently suspended my Twitter account @SVPhillimore. I appealed because the tweet cited in support of this decision revealed no breach of Twitter's terms of service. Twitter support replied on 28th January that having reviewed my appeal they agreed the suspension was in error and my account would be restored. My account was not restored. On 31st January 2021 this suspended account was suspended again for 'evading the rules against permanent suspension.'. I have appealed and contacted Twitter support as i do not understand what this means. My account had been wrongly suspended and therefore could not have been used to evade a wrongful suspension. I am now instructing solicitors to issue action in defamation against a number of UK residents who are asserting my account was suspended for hateful conduct. I have sent numerous emails to Twitter support and via the appeals process and received no response to my queries. The process seems entirely automated and there is no way to speak to anyone. I urgently need to know why my account remains suspended. Desired Resolution: Contact by the business Desired Outcome I would like someone at Twitter to explain why my account remains suspended, despite having emailed me to say they suspended me in error. My solicitors will need this information and Twitter are not responding to my messages where I request clarification. I accept Twitter has a right to impose its Terms of Service on users, but on its own admission I have not breached them so I would be grateful for an explanation as to what is going on. The continued suspension of my account is causing me actual reputational harm as many people online are claiming I was suspended for hateful conduct. I would just like to understand what the actual position is and for Twitter to respond to queries from its users.