I've said this several times on the Internet and maybe already here on Minds, but after being completely out of the closet in all areas of my personal and public life for twenty years, I have decided to go back in the closet for anything even remotely career-related. I refuse to be judged by anything other than my character and merit. If I thought I got a job because I'm gay and some condescending woke liberal bigot was trying to check off diversity boxes, I wouldn't be able to live with myself. No future employers or co-workers will get to know anything personal about me. Unless some crazy feminist bitch tries to falsely MeToo me, then obviously I'll reveal it. Aside from being practical, it would be hilarious and profoundly satisfying to expose such a liar as a malicious fraud and huge fucking idiot in front of everyone. Even if the false accusation fell flat on its own without me having to reveal anything about myself, I couldn't pass up the opportunity for greatness.