Feb. 01 2021 Ronny Pecik CEO Immofinanz AG Austria Resigned Jan. 31 2021 Andy Hopkins CEO AMA Group Limited Australia Resigned Feb. 01 2021 Kendra Scott CEO Kendra Scott, LLC USA Resigned Feb. 01 2021 Jan Haglund CEO Komplett Bank ASA Norway Resigned Feb. 01 2021 Khaled Al-Jarallah Deputy Foreign Minister Government of Kuwait Kuwait Resigned Feb. 01 2021 Jens Berge CEO Awilco Drilling UK Resigned Feb. 01 2021 Feb. 05 2021 Kathy Boockvar Secretary of State Pennsylvania USA for failing to comply with an unrelated state election law Resigned Feb. 02 2021 Gerald Prosalendis CEO & President Quaterra Resources Inc. Canada to be replaced by Thomas Patton Resigned Feb. 02 2021 Jeff Bezos CEO Amazon Inc. USA will become Chairman at Amazon Inc. / to be replaced by Andy Jassy Feb. 03 2021 John Matze CEO Parler USA Fired Feb. 02 2021 David Lenz CEO Hills Limited Australia Retired Feb. 02 2021 Allan Cook Chairman High Speed Two Ltd. UK as protesters clash with bailiffs underneath Euston park Resigned Feb. 04 2021 Donald J. Trump Member Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists USA Resigned Feb. 04 2021 Jun. 30 2020 Kenneth C. Frazier CEO Merck USA to be replaced by Robert Davis Retired 2021 Felix Hufeld President BaFin Germany over Wirecard Scandal Resigned Jan. 29 2021 Josh Sherman CEO Boys and Girls Club of the Greater West Plains Area USA Resigned 2021 Andrew Mueller CEO & President Centra Health USA will become CEO at MaineHealth / to be replaced by Richard Tugman Resigned Jan. 29