"No matter what you’ve done, what you believe makes all the difference between hope and despair." I write for a Christian publication on Medium called Koinonia. As I was reading something by someone else here and tried to respond, Minds ate my comment. Then I remembered this article that I wrote around Easter in 2019. I thought it might also might deal with some of the same questions. Yes, it's a long article, but not everything worth saying can be said briefly. The article contrasts the ideas Peter and Judas had about Jesus and how what each thought about Him determined their faith and how they finished their lives. I hope some of you will take the time to read it. This link will take you behind the paywall. https://medium.com/koinonia/does-the-resurrection-of-jesus-offer-you-hope-be6736c83d2f?source=friends_link&sk=9c1583138e9b5aedabcf9a20321f36d2