Trading Places (1983) Retro Review

As I slowly make my way through 80s movies I have never seen, I was finally able to see Trading Places (1983) and really enjoyed its spin on the Pygmalion/My Fair Lady plot #tradingplaces #wallstreetbets #moviereview #freespeech Minds Referral: Support me on Odysee: OMB Report: OMB Reviews: Donate here: or Here: New Channel: Crypto: Bitcoin: 38DJeVNELLHnoo1tEogba9MnwDYaf8YkQT Ethereum: 0xFfD58ea7545b833749b3373d5F31bC993F950e2e Become a member today: USE PROMO CODE: odin for 15% off at Displate! Displate: My Website: Mail Me Stuff! Odin's Movie Blog PO Box 4432 Chattanooga, TN 37405 Don't like Patreon but want to support the channel? Donate here! Follow me at: iTunes: SubscribeStar: Patreon: Minds: Parler: Twitter: Letterboxd: DLive: Twitch: Official Merchandise: