What is it with Seth MacFarlane's shows only having 4 seasons of gold, and then immediately tanking into repetitive plots and flanderization of characters that completely undoes any of the development they had in earlier seasons? It's just such an oddly consistent thing for both of his major shows to have the same problem at roughly the same time in their respective runs, so I find it weird that it would be network interference in both cases. I was binge-watching American Dad last year and really enjoying it. Then as soon as I got to season 5, I got so bored that I dropped it. Stan went from being a well-meaning but misguided and sometimes bigoted ultra-conservative who learned to open up to some more liberal points of view and genuinely improve as a person because of it, to a reckless and ignorant jackass who did stupid and mean-spirited things that endangered his family and who never learned his lesson. Everybody else more or less suffered from the same issue in their own way. Roger went from charmingly abrasive and arguably one of the most entertaining characters for it, to just unbearably obnoxious. Family Guy had basically the same problem, though I feel like it took a bit longer to fully set in. I haven't really watched any of his other stuff. I'm just vaguely aware that some of it exists. But I grew up on Family Guy, and I found Ted and A Million Ways to Die in the West hilarious, so it's not like I just don't click with Seth's style of humor. There's just something about the way he handles long-running shows that makes them fall apart pretty early on and never quite recover.